Individual account vs Class account

Hi. My teacher wants to know what version of the game to use with the class. So what is better?

  • My teacher using teacher account and me with my classmates using student accounts
  • We all use individual accounts( my teacher could use my account that is in the last levels in the Glacier)

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PS I am in the sixth grade and my classmates love coding with blocks, so they will like Phyton coding, too.

To quote @Chaboi_3000:

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So only the best in my class should be individuals, right?

Agreed, and also individual is a lot funner, so, even if you’re not naturally good at coding you might want to use individual so you can get items, and other fun stuff.

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Ok. Thanks for telling me

I’d say that both ways have merit. Student account allows the teacher to monitor and maintain via a lesson plan. Individual allows for more flexibility (aka fun). (I know that if it were me, I’d choose individual and BOY would I be doing homework like crazy!..I was about 8 - 10 when I got turned on to programming and unfortunately, there were no options for structured learning then, like there are today.)

I feel it should be the teachers decision, but based on individual input from, or capability of, the student.