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Best Sword for Warrior


I was wondering, now that Master sword is not longer available, how High gem count warriors were dealing with high number of enemies. As far as I can tell, there is no AOE in the warrior kit, anywhere past the LongSword.

My wife started CodeCombat on a paid account (post March 25th), and she wanted something simple so I adviced her to stick on the Warrior gameplay, and to buy best armors. So far, she bought the best Shield, and she loves it.

However, when I went to check where to buy the MasterSword I got for free, I couldn’t find it (I thought it was gone as a reward, not the whole item gone).

More : couldn’t find any high level sword to AOE (Cleave). So warriors don’t seem very good to deal with high number of units, now that MasterSword is gone.

Am I missing something ?


Nope, you have got it right.

As for warriors: “never get involved in a land war in Asia”, Vizzini (The Princess Bride)


Well, that’s disappointing. I think I understand the “let’s make Wizards and Archers more appealing”, but now I feel I gave my wife a wrong advice to stick on Warrior gameplay. I think with proper pricing, warrior should be a viable choice of gameplay.

Can’t the MasterSword be back in the Shop ? (with appropriate pricing, let’s make it expensive maybe, but it feels wrong we can’t have it at all anymore).

I’m bothered that I bought so much Wizard stuff on my account that received a proper Warrior weapon for free, and adviced my wife to buy warrior stuff that won’t ever have anything else to target than a single target.


The original intent of the master sword is to be a one time (well week or 2 long) reward from a hard level. It’s supposed to be special (it’s very overpowered actually). So i don’t think it will be up for sale again. Perhaps Nick might allow a watered down version somewhere in between the current long sword and the mastersword. I’m not sure.

Just imagine how it was before the mastersword. Long sword was it. thats all.


Anyone playing a viable high level Warrior ? Is it even remotely comparable to an other high level class without a MasterSword ? I’m pretty sure without aoe any swarm-like level will be a nightmare.

I just feel it’s suboptimal design to have a whole class stuck with an early game weapon without even a hope of upgrading (without loosing a crucial AOE tool). Make it expensive, adjust the CD or the damage of an AOE Sword, but giving Warrior options can’t harm the equilibrium of the universe. It seems a very easy way to implement to me and could fill a hole in the warrior game.

I don’t see a reason why Warriors couldn’t trigger gem purchase as well as the two other classes. Making them appealing in their gameplay should be as rewardable (in terms of paying players) as other classes, in my opinion. They are newbie friendly, and based on my internet experience newbies are the bulk of players). Easy to do, easy reward.

Making complex AI for powerful mages with plenty of Spells is good for geeks like me and others on this forum, but a good old 4 abilities (AutoAttack, Cleave, Bash, Shield) is all people need to have fun (League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, anyone ?).

And some of them will buy some gems to get their (in this case) good Sword.


i think, in Multiplayer and all the levels, eckept one or two there are far better weapon than the long sword. Cleave is pretty nice jeah, put ever get a closer look to Kithsteel Blade, my favourit. 4*Times Damage and with the high attack range you are pretty stron against mages and other ranged units. With that tons of damage you can nearly one shot most enemys in Sand and Ice.
Target of this game is to teach sombodey to write good code and not to buy imba gear and wrong code. with bash and electrocute there are more than enough ways to attack enemys…


Well, yea. School too does teach you how to do things right. It’s just a little bit less fun or addictive.

Just saying Warrior feels to me a little shy on the number of options they have compared to other classes. Even though you can play them on a free account doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have any game play beside autoattacks. Just make these options expensive to compensate the lack of hero to buy (5k gem for a 150dps Sword with Cleave mechanism, 5k for a Charge mechanism for example) to incite people going further in their journey on the Coding world on their (potentially) beloved Hero, and helping this game develop with paid gems.

Most of the teaching levels arn’t about gear anyway. I think buying high level stuff is a treat for paying users to feel good about their Hero.


You can beat any level with a high level warrior. Multiplayer is another story. warriors are limited in that respect no matter if you have a master sword or not.


in fact that this game is for people in middle classes, i dont want it to cost money to be good. Your always saying paying is good for this geame, yes it is, but ever thougt of being a child of 14 years with kind of no money? You cant buy 40k gems if you need them. So it would be unfair to give “good” or even imba weapons for gems they do not have.


Well, ever thought of a game with no developer ? Developers need to pay the bills and salaries too. This game is already good for free. And it’s already beatable for free. The game is already teaching many things for free. The paid part is appealing for the middle class parents who want to provide good education for their child at low cost. 3 month of Code Combat + 25k gems is 50 bucks. That’s a price any dad would pay if this game is addictive enough to make his kid creative and find a purpose to do during his puberty. Those are 50 bucks much more well spent than on CoD or whatever. That’s the whole point of “talk to your parents about the game” popups. And for paid accounts, the Warrior part of the game is not up to par with the other classes, and might discourage some kids who chose Warriors.


Yeah sorry. If you are a child and can’t afford to buy gems you can perfectly well play the free parts of the game (which is plentiful). Will you be able to really compete at multiplayer? Not really, will the levels be very easy because of nice gear? No. But that’s life. It’s the same in most games these days. Free is free but if you want to be better or have your time be easier, you have to buy gold / gems / whatever.

[Idea] Volcano World Name

I do plan on adding more AoE damage options to some of the higher-end warrior swords, but I haven’t had time to come up with other interesting abilities for some of those swords which don’t have any. The Master Sword is not really going to be able to compare to the best Warrior swords available for purchase except in specific situations. It’s not the intent to take all the strategic depth out of a whole class of heroes, believe me.

Also, there might be some interesting AoE stuff we can do with the ring slots, which I have barely had time to explore.

And of course Okar Stompfoot and some of the other higher-tier heroes that are coming will have built-in AoE skills like Stomp.

Really, I need to sit down for a weekend and write a ton of new skills and abilities.


interesting AoEd:


@sotonin I’m not sure what you said is totally correct. True, you can’t get too good on a free account, but I’m on a free account and I’m 17th place on the humans ladder for dueling grounds.


Also @nick can you tell us what the new sword is going to be like and describe it? 'cause some people want to know.


Now they already have a lot of stuff dont they. But, I just want to know what the best sword is cause im cant unlock it yet


Read here:


#Sword of The Temple Guard

browse all items here


@ant, the sword of the Temple Guard attacks faster and the knockback might not help with a swarm of munchkins.


the sword of the Temple Guard is better because it attacks about twice as faster so it does more damage with two hits not one!


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