Kithsteel blade range?

I got really excited about the range on the kithsteel blade and it fit my budget, so I bought it, but when I equip it, it says attackRange = 3. What happened to 7?
(I submitted a patch, in case that’s all it takes)

Also, I’m confused about the Kithsteel vs Edge of Darkness. They have the almost exactly the same DPS, but Kithsteel is cheaper AND faster. I’m assumng the Edge of Darkness has the standard sword range of 3m? So why would anybody ever buy Edge of Darkness?

Thanks, I missed that attackRange setting! I have accepted your patch, so the range should be fixed now.

I intend to put powerups on some of these weapons that otherwise aren’t as good a deal, but I haven’t done them all yet (I just created all the weapons last night). So rest assured that Edge of Darkness will be getting something cool later on when I can code up a new ability for it.

Alright, cool, I will be patient. Looks like warrior and ranger are getting some serious upgrades with the new stuff! That will probably suck me into trying to beat some more of the repeatable levels…

Btw, I noticed the worn dragon plate armor for the warriors doesn’t seem to be in the store anymore. (though the higher quality but worse value for the buck enameled dragon plate is still there). Assume that’s a temporary glitch?

Not sure if it’s relevant, but I noticed that the worn dragonplate is still in my inventory (maybe I shouldn’t tell anyone in case if gets taken away!)
Also, I noticed that you can buy the monolith in the equip screen, but not in the items screen.

I also saw Worn dragon plate shield in equip screen not the item screen

Wow, just took Kithsteel for a spin, it’s a huge upgrade over the old swords. On backwoods treasure the extra range helps a lot vs throwers and the extra damage helps a lot vs ogres.

Aha, found the bug-fixed now, and will be uploaded to the live site later today. Thanks for the debugging help!