Coinucopia = responds too slow

Picking up flags and movement of in game characters responds too slowly for me to ever finish it - the code combat interface is always slow on my pc so instead of programming here all I am doing is trying to beat a non-responsive interface. Is there a way to proceed past this level without placing flags? I can click on the flags and on the location much faster than the game responds but I time out every time - how can I proceed?


  1. Flags are simply not good enough to get every single coin in time.
  2. Try a different browser, etc. Chrome, or Mozilla firefox, or internet explorer.
  3. Do you have 2GB of memory in your computer? If not, then that’s probably why.
  4. Check the FAQ and get to the part when it tells you something about: My game’s too slow!
    Hope this works!

For most levels, the game engine frame is about 1/15s of a second.
For a good speed hero and close up coins, the hero may collect up to 3 coins a second.
You cannot possibly try to control control the hero at this rate.

If something must be done every 10 seconds or so, use flags.
Otherwise write code to automatically command your hero to do what is needed.

In pyton:

item = self.findNearestItem()
if (item)

will tell your hero to move to the location of the nearest object.

IF the item is in the seeing range. Remember, flags have their own path finding, so you can place one, not a million. Then again, if you can place a flag at all. Try updating your browser - I had a similar problem, where one of the the cloudrip levels kept going ‘Aw, snap!’ Updating my chrome to the highest version solved it. Also, how old is your computer?

Thank you both very much for your replies
Unfortunately I am unable to deal with this for a while and am not sure when I’ll return as my wife has been rushed into hospital and is seriously ill with bleeding on her brain. I do not know when I will be able to continue.
Thank you again