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Darksteel Blade Range


I purchased Darksteel Blade relying on the description regarding its speed and the promise of a much higher damage and range.

I can see the increased damage results and thanks to @AdrianCgw I was able to figure out the porwerUp ability; however, the range is listed as 3, the same as the short sword. Am I missing something?


Yes, attackRange === 3


I wish I had figured out how to use the “thang editor” before I bought the sword; my problem is that the description compares the Darksteel Blade to the Short Sword promising a much higher range, which turns out to be not much higher, not even a little higher but exactly the same as the Short Sword range - what a waste of hard earned rubles!

I think it would be great to have the actual description not be misleading.




Or maybe we can fix the Darksteel Blade to actually have a higher range and match the description. :slight_smile:


That would be awesome!


It can be problematic, because some of course levels depends on the predefined equipment for students and If I remember that correctly, that blade is used in some of them.


@Bryukh Sorry, but I don’t quite see how changing an weapon’s attackRange would break anything. As far as I can see, it would be just a small upgrade that doesn’t affect any logic.


Logic - not. But course levels often depends on the balance of the predefined equipment. It’s like many levels can be solved with equipment-force method instead logic. For example “Operation ‘deerkill’” - with better equipment you can kill everybody without the ambush, worse equipment - you dead before you retreat.


If there is no support from creators and/or users for updating Darksteel Sword’s range to match its description, then perhaps we should change the description to reflect the sword’s true attributes (more or less equal speed, greater damage and the same range). Maybe also add small print directions to the ‘Thang Editor’?


I’ve submitted a patch to correct the description (at least until someone decides to change the range, if they do).


Sorry guys, no idea why we had that initially listed as higher range. Thanks for the investigation and the patch; I’ve accepted it.

The Kithsteel Blade is our high-range sword, and from experience, any increase in range does matter a lot, since you can hit a melee opponent a second before they can hit you–and when you are one-shotting munchkins, it’s a lot of damage saved.