Lava Clash Finale Released! Play if you dare!

If you liked @JustALuke’s Desert Dispute Desert Dispute released!, then this is the multiplayer level for you! Lava Clash is a modified Desert Dispute, with more gold, Lava-Yetis, Volcanos and more!!! Thanks to @JustALuke for the base for this level! Feedback is helpful!
Lava Clash Finale
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This is pretty cool, but can you please change some of the documentation? Especially at the bottom of the first page where the link goes to Desert Dispute :skull:.


It does not seem to work when I change it…

Oh, does anyone know how I can add the ability to summon warlocks??

Did you save it? Changes aren’t saved for everyone automatically.
To summon warlocks you can either add existence.builds and add warlocks to the buildable list, or add a summonUndead or other spell but change the unit summoned to warlocks.

Can you do it??? It is not working for me… And if you can figure it out could you also fix the hints…

Oh, and don’t forget to submit your code for ranking @Piano_Zombie, I only see your Red code…

I submitted a patch to fix the hints (just the link) and changed the yeti color to orange
did you want the hero to be able to summon warlocks?

Yes, and lava elementals

It also takes a bit for the changes to update. The yetis aren’t orange yet either.
I also sent another patch, adding warlocks and lava-elementals. You can change their stats by changing the stats of the model units below the level.
The warlocks also don’t summon anything yet, just add whatever spells you want them to use to their components.

It does not seem to be working…

the changes still haven’t taken effect yet, here’s a screenshot of the editor

Do you know when the changes happen???

And this is what I see:

Nothing in top right corner…

no idea when changes actually take into effect
Click the play button in the top right corner; that’s where the screenshot is from.

ik that was intentional. I always make one side better than the other so that i can farm myself for extra points.

Oh… Okay then, but @JustALuke changes have not taken place!!!

That’s odd. I submitted another patch with everything in it. Idk why the patches aren’t taking into effect.


Do you still have a school account or something?