"Sandstorm Blitz" Bugs and Feedback

The new arena “Sandstorm Blitz” is in action, so please report any bugs that you find or if you have some feedback here. If you want to ask for advice on how to code something, then please use another topic. Offtopic will be deleted.

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isnt it the last day before desert duel shows champions

Sorry, didn’t get it. Was it a question? What champions you mean?

Season 5: Sands of Time

May - Aug 2022

Sands of Time

Sandstorm Blitz
Aug 2022 Final Arena

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I understand you even less. Yes, I know this banner. What’s the question?

Launch doesn’t work in the blue team, though it works on the red team.

i thought it was augest 1 that was the end. sorry.

Hi. Yep, my bad – haven’t included the thang template. Should work now (on direct.coco ).

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what is the sandstorm ending time?

Yes, it works now. Thanks!

Is it supposed to give the blue team one point, if there should be a tie?

Yeah, I think its a “hidden” tie breaker here. Need to refresh my memory if we count some parameters there or just “flip a coin”.

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was the may to augest wrong?

also, i would love to see a baseSpeed in player.props, as of rn, we only have speed

overall nice, but i love how all top players do sandstorm in middle to prevent mid rushing

What happened to this big guy?

Did he decide to shorten the path?
Link to the match

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XD (20 chars laughing)

No, the season is in May, June, July, and August.

What’s the difference between baseSpeed and speed? And what is baseSpeed?