Did CC die with the price changes?

I used to tell people how great this software was and how excited I was introduce the game to my children when they were the correct age to play this game.

Now that the game requires a premium I am regretting telling others how much this was a revolutionary project.

Teaching children to code is important; and not all family can afford another monthly subscription (especially the majority living check to check)

Please reconsider all the pricing changes and required premium for the main campaign. It was better for society as a whole to allow the main game be free and charge for extra content.

Did the main developers leave the project? Has the moral of the game and company changed that much over the years that it no longer believes in what is best for the community?

Why did these changes happen and who ultimately is responsible for making these decisions? I understand wanting to pay the bills, but at what cost? Our world is better when revolutionary software is given to all and not turned into another way to increase revenue.


Unfortunately, in order to continue supporting the development of the game, keeping the website up, and funding other projects, we had to switch to a premium model. I think @nick would be a better person to speak on this as I am in no position to know anything about any of the financial decisions being made.


i am just a random person who uses the platform but the way i look at it if they did not increase the price there whould be no platform which would be worse for all of us