Discord problem, help!

I just entered CoCo discord, but it has the highest safety level, so I need to verify by phone.Is that true?
@Chaboi_3000 , anyone?

You have to be 13 or older to be in discord.

I think that is true and you have to be 13.

i am 13, already
(20 chars don’t like that)

And don’t ask @Chaboi_3000 rn I think he/she is sleeping. Since he/she lives in Japan and its like 1 in the morning over there.

yeah, but it is forum, so he/she can see it later.Just @Chaboi_3000 created discord channel, so i asked him/her, too

oh ok. (20 characters ahhhh)

I think this is true. other people had problems talking on the discord so they dmed me, but i have no phone number attached and i can talk. i think the phone number verification was changed after i joined so…

To prevent spam and ban circumvention, I had to set it so a phone number was required.

mmm, i see( Then I’ll make my own discord server, called CoCo buddies!That’s just for chattin’ of friends from here.Is it okay, @Chaboi_3000 ?

Invite me. My username is CocoCarlie#2222
But I only got it for a month so idk how long it will last.
Also I might not be able to get onto discord for a week or so

Join my channel Codecombat Buddies!:

I’ll join when I can