Does CodeCombat require any URL's/ports etc. to be opened in order to work?



We will be running CodeCombat at a new location (new Wi-Fi network etc.), and I would like to find out if there are any URLS/ports etc. that need to be opened first in order for CodeCombat to work?

At the very least, I know that should be accessible, however are there any others?

I searched this/main website, but couldn’t find any documentation that lists links/ports/network resources that should be enabled in order for CodeCombat to work smoothly.

I want to communicate this to the IT/network staff at the location prior to attending, in order that we don’t get any surprises (links/ports not working) on the day of the workshop.

Appreciate your help in advance.


@maka is our CodeCombat correspondent. If anyone knows, he will. (I think)


Here’s the minimum:

Whitelist and (this is needed for web dev levels).

Here’s a full list:

There are three sets of domains, those you should whitelist, those you should whitelist to allow logging into CodeCombat through other systems (Google+ or Facebook) and finally a third list that helps us gather data for analytics (this data is abstracted and not personalized - it helps us improve the performance of the site and our courses).

Here is the list of domains they should make sure are whitelisted – but only and are absolutely required:

Here are additional domains that will help if your school uses Google or Facebook logins:

And these are additional domains that are used for our analytics. They help us assess how students are doing, manage payments, as well as tracking usage, and more, but they should not be needed for the students to play.



Thanks so much, that’s exactly what I was looking for!