Dueling Grounds - Fight yourself

Is it intended that you can fight yourself? I tried it and it counts as tie, as both my active and my clone die exactly at the same time. I also can’t immediatly think of a code that is deterministic that won’t have this outcome.

On another side:
Is it possible to push your own ranking with ties? What for statistics would you need before this would have a positiv effect?

Yes because you can use a different script (or hero altogether) on different sides if you wish.

Yes, it is intended, you can post code for both sides. This could be a way of trying out different strategies or classes.

As an aside, maybe sometime in the future @nick and the team could tweak these multiplayer levels to have 3 sides: Warrior, Ranger, Wizard. This way the different classes could battle for supremacy, I guess then you would want each part to fight against players from any of the 3 lists so your code has to be good against every class including its own.

I don’t think tying against yourself will help you in any way, nor will it harm you.

If you can figure out a way to tell yourself that it’s you, you can make sure to tie or to throw a match in favor of one of your sides. I don’t think this is a big deal when there are a lot of players on the ladder.

You can use Math.random() to vary things up, which has been replaced with a deterministic pseudorandom number generator. Or you can look at your starting position, which varies with every matchup. Or your team, which is “humans” for red team or “ogres” for blue team (I know, I know).