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Dungeon arena display broken


my dungeon arena graphics are now buggy.

the soldiers base is not displaying, and some characters are invisible.

see image here:


hmmm… now I cant compile my code, or submit it for ranking

notice the play button is missing:
see image here:

could it have anything to do with having 2 actions being commanded?
ie - I have my normal action (attack/defend) and then after that it may be overridden by warcry,etc


I think this might have happened because of a server crash. We’ve recovered the servers; if you reload, are you still seeing errors?


im still seeing the same behaviour

in fact, now I cant see any units either


They build asynchronously now after the level loads, so if they can’t load or if it takes a long time to build them, they won’t show up. Do you see any JS errors in the console when they don’t show?


its now acting really weird - some times I can only see some units - normally on second replay I can see most of the units.

sometimes if I change my code, it takes ages to compile, and then the enemy leader has a red X under them.

Perhaps its a bug in my code?


Got the fixes. The enemy breaking when cast was this one, and the other one was an extra } in your code dangling outside of a comment. It should have given a good error message, but I guess I have more work to do there.