Dungeon arena wont work properly for me

Hey there

Im having some serious issues with this game, even though i enjoy it extremely much. I am facing severe issues when im trying to play ladder games.

First time i pressed “Play as human” i could choose from warm-up and all up to hard.
Next time, only warm-up and easy showed up. I then found out that it was the same easy opponent i was facing every single time.

And if i played against him and either won or lost, it didnt update in my match history.
I have played approximately 20-50 games over and over and over again against the same one.

I tried as orgres, and exactly the same thing happened. Tried all 3 major browsers(chrome, IE9, FF)

I would really like to play this game since it is a lot of fun! Any help would be appriciated. thanks in advance

That used to happen to me a lot!

  1. Try Safari.
    2.Try Simulating some games it usually helps.


Hmm, it sounds like we were really behind on simulated games, because of a bug with one of the games gumming up the works. We should have everything simulated up-to-date now, and you can always help out simulating if you want your game to be ranked faster (all simulations are done on players’ computers). Have you noticed your rank history fill in now that we’re back on track?

The “Easy” opponent selection is based off your match history, but I guess when the game has been submitted and not yet ranked, it doesn’t have much to go off of.