"Frozen Fortress" bugs and feedback

The new arena “Frozen Fortress” is in action, so please report any bugs that you find or if you have some feedback here. If you want to ask advice how to code something, then please use other topic. Offtopic will be deleted.

In this arena it’s really easy to get a tie. It would be great if in such matches the winner would be the one who has got the most health.

ChristopherC508 has infinite mana. Console says :|Mog's pam| NaN when I print enemy hero’s mana. This bug appears at around 12th second.

agreed or mabey add sudon death

I have noticed that the majority of the matches I lose are due to some kind of bug. Whenever I view them, it says that I win, even if I use the spectate option. Is this happening to anyone else?

Try using direct.codecombat.com, it should work (I had the same thing with losses).

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Hey folks! I’ll be handling the feedback for Frozen Fortress.

Thanks for gathering things in this thread, I will investigate these things:

  1. Stalemales
  2. Infinite Mana
  3. Match loss/wins not accurately represented in playback
    Note, often, early in ladder releases people are tweaking/changing their code a lot which means your game could’ve been simulated against a past version of their code that has since changed!

If you can identify a bug causes losses/wins, feel free to bring it up and I will investigate further.

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To stop the stalemates, the output of the farms could be decreased or the cost of the shockwave ability could be decreased because those are the ways that the players tend to go over the time limit.

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The getTowerAtPlace() function doesn’t seem to work. It keeps giving me the error
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading "toLowerCase")” when I plug in something for the tower’s letter.
For example,

const tower = hero.getTowerAt("a");
hero.build(tower.type, "a");

works, but

const tower = hero.getTowerAt("a");
hero.build("farm", tower.place);

doesn’t work.

i feel like hero.time would be helpful

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Hello everyone!

Lots of changes landing today for everyone to experiment with.

Shockwave now costs 1 mana for every 2 health on an enemy being forced back. This is a nerf. Some sessions between players were keeping too many enemies on the screen at once.

I think the creation of the 8-farm/shockwave-spam strategy was a neat discovery! But the arena is about defeating enemies, not holding them off forever. I apologize to everyone using this strategy.

hero.time is now exposed for players to use.
tower.place now returns the location of the tower.
Victory conditions are tweaked so that: Highest health wins, then highest score (score is gained by summoning units through "summon" or "barracks").
hero.score is also exposed now.
With shockwave’s nerf, max-session length has been increased to 90 seconds to decrease ties.


can you make it so i can see my own health, enemy health, and enemy.pos and hero.DistanceTo() method

Enemy,pos exists and it works. You can find the distance between you and ogres using coordinates (enemy.pos.x) or Pythagorean theorem. Enemy health also works.

It would be really cool if it was possible to find enemy’s speed.

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Pos will be removed as its not mirrored. We will add x and y.

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can you make it so you get mana when you kill enemys

Maybe like 1 mana per 10 hitpoints or smth idk

on the ice tower make it so the slow amount goes up by 1% per extra level extra level meaning levels beyond one beacause at one you have 15%

Man the warlock’s suicide explosion is so powerful. Can completely change the tide of war.

Also sometimes at random it will do this