Easiest replayable brawl

In my opinion, the easiest replayable brawl is actually sarven siege. This is me talking with boss star 3, just so you know. Really, I just change my tactics up a little and I’m up to sarven siege level 6!!! Of course, I suppose backwoods is also easy (easier than kithgard, somehow) but the best for gems is definitely, in my opinion, sarven siege. If you disagree, then please tell me why (and don’t say something about sacred statue, I’m not a sub).

Which is best for gems?
  • Kithgard brawl
  • Backwoods brawl
  • Backwoods treasure
  • Sarven brawl
  • Sarven treasure
  • Sarven siege
  • Cloudrip brawl
  • Cloudrip siege
  • Cloudrip treasure

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Hmmm… I don’t like the hammer, if I’m telling the truth. And summoning troops just isn’t enough.

Hey, @abc, @Falcons118, what do you think?

I think that the forest has the easiest brawles

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I think Cloudrip Brawl is the best brawl because it is not too hard and you get tons of gems

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thats true the mountain replayable levels are good

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The problem is the warlocks, so I definitely would never say cloudrip.

You are doing it the hard way


I was talking bellow 7 of course


Lol, I know but its hard with warlocks and all

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I was thinking the fangriders

Hah! Tell me about it!

Okay I will tell yo u about it ritic get’s killed when I am like 1second away from wining

What brawl are you on?

Cloudrip Brawl 7(20 char)

Nice, how did you do it?

I lost. In other words I did not win

No, but to get to 7 that’s gonna be some pretty decent code