Should I buy obdisian armor or save up

I have 3000+ gems. Should I buy the obdisian armor or save up

I am still on forest (I was on mountain before but I reset)

Can you please post your gear?

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Here @Aya

How much does the dragonplate cost?

I’m pretty sure obsidian armor isn’t that great. I think you might be able to buy the dragon plate soon, so I would recommend saving up.

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save up for worn drag chestplate
than once u get the worn drag helmet
save for enamled

It costs 3100 @Aya (Is it to much)

You should save up and get more EXP


Ok @The_SMG_Master I will save up

Save up for the Enameled Dragonplate and its helmet, it isn’t worth buying obsidian armour now, the enameled pack is much better for later on


@Rabbit Please dont use your alt (@The_SMG_Master ) (we have prooved this is your alt on the pm’s)

Now I think @Chaboi_3000 will ban me

proved(sorry, had to)

No, he won’t ban rabbit’s account. However, Smg’s account may be banned if you continue using it.

How did you prove it

I will buy the breast plate

Do you have The Runesword?If not you should get it its overpowered

It not good for brawls

Should I get dragonplate and sword of forgotten