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Which item should I get : Worn Dragonplate or Sword of the Forgotten?


I almost have enough gems to buy the Sword of the Forgotten, but I already have enough gems to buy the Worn Dragonplate. I am stuck on levels that need you to fight, so I need better armor or a better sword.


I guess it depends on the weapon and how much total health you already have.

Note that higher damage = faster kills = less damage taken, generally. Higher health helps catching up with archers/mages that have low HP, though.


I am a warrior, using Hattori, and I have 233 health. I use 2 primary swords, one is a simple katana, and the other is a long sword. I am stuck on Sarven Shepherd, I know the code, I have the code working, but I either do not have enough health or enough damage.


Runesword deals more damage. I reccomand if you can obsidan and rune because rune costs less but is better


I agree, but that is the average damage, which is more, but the Sword of the Forgotten has more Damage per Second, which is usually helpful. Also, the Rune Sword is cheaper, which usually means that it is weaker. And anyways, I’m still going to need gems to buy them.


no it actully has better dps, and you’ll probably have more for a better one. what armor do you have


I have the Rusted Iron Breastplate right now. I figure that I need some new armor.


Runesword is extremely slow, which means a lot of wasted DPS. Case in point, you can kill 4 ogre throwers with the Sword of the Forgotten in the time it would take to kill a single one with Runesword.

You’re using Hattori, which has a very high attack modifier and very low health modifier, meaning that you get a big extra attack bonus from weapons but very little health from armor. I guess it would make sense to go full attack for now, you will easily wipe everything in your way, and switch back to a hero with higher health modifier (e.g. Tharin) if you get stuck.


For some reason, I want to use my gems, and I also like using Hattori, but I will try your suggestion.


My hero still dies if I use Tharin, so I think there is a problem about my armor or attack.


For the sake of completeness, here are Hattori’s modifiers (so you can make a more informed decision):

  • Deals 180% of listed Warrior weapon damage.
  • Gains 71% of listed Warrior armor health. (in contrast with Tharin, which gains 140%)

In my first playthrough, I had to upgrade my armor at around the beginning of the desert, and then kept wearing the Steel Breastplate all the way to Summit’s Gate (the mountain map’s last level), when I had to upgrade my armor once again.


Does this mean I should buy new armor? This would upgrade my health.


Well, I’m not sure. I don’t know what stage of the game you are facing. But in any case, if you already can kill enemy soldiers (“munchkins”) in one hit, I’d go for armor. Killing enemies in one hit drastically reduces the amount of damage you take, so I believe this is pretty important.

Anyway, I guess you will end up buying the armor and the sword of the forgotten sooner or later, and either one will be enough for you to progress until the end of the mountain map I think. So you don’t need to stress too much about it. :wink:


I cannot kill the munchkins in 1 hit, I can in 2, though. Does this mean I should buy the sword?


Well, that does make a difference.

By the way, do you have the Ring of Speed? The speed bonus helps catching up with long-range enemies (throwers, mages, etc.) so you take fewer hits while you approach to kill them.

I guess the armor would be a safer bet in the end, even more as you only have 233 health at the moment. If you had, say, about 400-600 health, then I’d go for the sword.


I do have double the health if I use Tharin, and I also already have the Ring of Speed, but Tharin does slightly less damage than Hattori.


Well, I guess you can try the Sword of the Forgotten then. Tharin with SotF kills most enemies with one hit, so if you get stuck in a level with Hattori you can switch to Tharin for the extra health while keeping a pretty good DPS.


Ok Thanks! But I still need a bit more gems (like about 62), so I’ll just keep simulating some games. :smiley:


Alright, good luck. :smile:
By the way, did you exhaust the repeatable levels already? Those are a pretty fast way to get gems if can still do them and win. It is also worth looking through the Achievements list (click the trophy icon inside the game), there are usually some easy ones that give you a fair amount of gems.


really? I’m using runesword right now. how do you use attack Damage, case in point?