Enameled Dragonplate Helmet - special ability suggestions

The Enameled Dragonplate Helmet is the most expensive warrior helm, and has the lowest health/cost ratio of all warrior equipment, without offering any special effect.

The only argument I can think of is that it “looks cool” (subjective opinion), but that argument does not hold as the hero armor is not rendered in the actual game, so it doesn’t even provide bragging rights in the PvP/high score replays.

Maybe adding a special effect would make it more attractive and cost-effective? Here are some suggestions:

  • breatheFire (method): this could be a focused high-damaging fire attack, or an AoE covering 90 degrees centered on the target. E.g.:

  • Fire resistance (passive effect): lower received fire damage by a %. Suggested by @PixelAA in another thread.

What do you guys think? Feel free to suggest improvements to my suggestions or make your own suggestions. :smile:

Thread rules

  1. Let’s keep this discussion specific to the “Enameled Dragonplate Helmet” item. I’ll make separate threads for other items.

  2. Please avoid specifying exact values (e.g. for damage, cooldowns, effect duration, chance of activation). Game balance is hard™, so it is better to give more abstract ideas and let the developers do the balancing after implementing and playtesting the ideas.

  3. Have fun!

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On fire resistance: The only thangs whose attacks involve fire that I can think of are catapults, artillery, electrowalls, rangers with Phoenixfire (beta), or Wizards with the Sulphur Staff, so its use would be limited. breatheFire has potential, though, in my opinion.

Yes, I also think fire resistance wouldn’t be very useful. I’ve only listed that suggestion as it was already suggested in a previous thread. Perhaps the suggestion could be made more useful by adding resistance against all magic attacks, after all dragons are often seen as mystical creatures—but that is most likely stretching it too much.

Maybe it would allow you to devour() low HP enemies, instantly killing them and adding to your health.

Although that may not work so well when you are facing enemy humans instead of orcs…

If we wanted to be lazy with adding things then using fireball() which already exists as a attached property on a staff would work.

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Maybe some sets should provide a good boost? Dragon set (the bright red ones i.e. emperor gloves) should give an amzing boost such as attack increased by 50%.

I like the whole “set” thing. Maybe add a ring of fire around the dragonplate set bones, and it will be useful for getting swarmed

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