English Level Names Display instead of Translated Ones

There are a lot of levels in the Dungeon and Forest worlds whose names and descriptions are properly translated into Japanese on the i18n site, but whose names and descriptions are displayed in English on the map for Japanese users. The levels for which this is the case include the following:

Dungeon world:
Known Enemy
Haunted Kithmaze
Lowly Kithmen
Closing the Distance
Kithgard Gates
Kithgard Mastery

Forest world:
Copper Meadow
Drop the Flag
Rich Forager


CodeCombat’s translations are mainly a community effort. You (or anyone that knows a language other than English and are willing to help) can help translating the game — check out the Diplomat (Translator) page to get started. :smile:

Oh, I know! I was the one who translated those levels… the problem is that the translations are not reflected in the interface, not that a translation does not exist. :wink:

Ohh I see. Thanks for taking the time to contribute! :smile:

How long has it been since you’ve submitted the translations and they have been accepted? I’m not sure if the translations are reflected in the game instantly, perhaps one of the project maintainers has to make the deploy manually. I believe some core contributor can fill in. :blush:

Glad to help. :smile:

It’s been at least a week. I should note that while my translations were not reflected for those levels on the map interface ( https://codecombat.com/play/forest, https://codecombat.com/play/dungeon) they were reflected in the level content itself. Furthermore, most of the levels that I translated (Gems or Death, The Mighty Sand Yak, Peasant Protection…) did have the translation reflected on the map interface… immediately! It’s quite the puzzler…

Hello, @Aaron_Rubin!

Thank you for contributing to the project. What happens is that each time you contribute a translation, if there wasn’t one before, it is automatically added to the game; if there was already one, it is submitted as a patch, that will later be accepted by one of the admins.

About the content not being reflected in the campaign maps, it is because the content is only updated when an admin saves a change to the map, which in this case hasn’t happened for a long time with the Dungeon and Forest maps. I will take care of it when I reach an admin.

UPDATE: It should be good now, but if you still don’t see the translations right away, go to your console and type localStorage.clear(), and then reload the page.


I am trying to translate to Hebrew and I have the same issue. Every how often does an Admin save something to the first and second world? when should I expect to see the changed implemented?

Welcome to discourse Hila! To answer your question, I actually have no idea, but I’m assuming that it will most likely be soon. So, just to be sure, I will ping @nick, a CodeCombat founder.