Exchanging gems between users

I’m interested in knowing if there has been any discussion about exchanging gems as tips or gifts to fellow programmers?

If no discussion of exchanging gems between users has been made, I think it worthwhile.


  • users may want to help other users more on forums or in clans (hoping to earn gems)
  • users can offer bounty gems for help on problems
  • more real world like (coders in general make more money than just gamers)
  • start towards internal network economy on codecombat platform


  • has to be coded up (use ethereum?!)
  • might be used for betting purposes (education sys. typically frown on betting)
  • potential target for hacking (I want MORE gems!)

thank you for considering this topic,

I did do a simple search on this topic and got no previous hits.


i do not think its posible.

If it was possible to transfer gems between accounts, there would be more alt accounts made for the purpose of farming gems for the main accounts. This would increase the (currently nonexistent) grinding element of Code Combat. It would also decrease gem pack purchases slightly.

An earlier discussion about the same topic:

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