Is there a way to send gems to clan friends?

Hey there! I need to send my friend from my clan some gems so he can buy things. Is there a way I could do that?

There is no such feature, as it could be potentially abused (well, I would do so definitely ;-))

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I wonder how we could do something like this without the loophole of players making new accounts, earning a bunch of gems, and then accumulating them all in their master account?

Limit the number of transferable gems to the number of gems you paid for (e.g.: if you subscribed for 2 months, you can transfer maximum 2x3500 gems in total; if you’re a freebie: you can transfer 0 gems…)


#Need help with a level?

#Contact me and I help you, in exchange for a few (hundred) gems…

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Looks like gems would be too easy to abuse. Here is a different idea: implement a “borrowing” system where you can lend an item to a friend. Each player can only ever have a single borrowed item at a time, so this avoids the problem of having several socket puppet accounts lending items to the main character.

I’ve seem a similar lending system in MMORPGs and it works well in practice. But of course, this is orders of magnitude more complex to implement than simply giving gems away to another account.

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You can’t or else you’ll just be beated by a lvl 10 in Harrowland for example. To me it’s just a way of saying come to our clan and we will give a 1000 gems a day

Interesting post.

I would ask how would one resolve 2 rings of speed if the lending was implemented. +10 m/s, yes please :slight_smile:
The abuse would be considerable.

Though one could over come this by creating special equipment that was only for lending. In other words it would cost a lot of gems, could not be used by the current player, but could be lent to another. In this way you encourage team play and can control the items that would be lent out.