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Is it possible to make a a clan tournament with prizes?


I want to make a clan tournament for my clan. I want to know if it is possible and how to do it


Yeah I was thinking about doing that as well but you can’t give gems to other players so it would have to be automatically given by the company.

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I support it but don’t support it, if you’re doing a tournament where the prizes will be given by the clan leader, then yes. If the company has to give the crystals, then a no because it’s the clan leader’s responsibility, not the codecombat staffs, but currently it is impossible to open a clan tournament.

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The only thing which would need to change would be the possibility of a clan Leader being able to give the clan’s members gems, but I think the devs have more important things on their list at the moment or maybe not, I don’t know.

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That is fine i just want a friendly competition for my clan ( you joined :smile:).

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I joined your clan @Archion Minecraft monsters

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oh ok. thanks I actually am more active on the Legion of lightning. It would be cool if you joined that one :smile:
the link is on the official clan topic.

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ok @Archion i’ll join that one to

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Thanks for joining! Welcome to the clan! :smile:

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can you show the link

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sure (20 characters)

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ok I joined the clan

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Thanks for joining! Welcome to the clan :smile:

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Has this issue been solvet yet? If it is, then I would make a tournament with a prize of 1k


I agree. It should be paid by the clan leaders or whoever is hosting the tournament


It’s still codecombat’s low priority. The devs have to do more important stuff like adding new features, or making new sections, such as I won’t expect this feature to come anytime soon, it’ll even be surprising if it comes in a year. :man_shrugging:


I barely have any gems…


Neither do I, but I’m part of Enderlord’s clan. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Annnd i have around 70000 gems from saving up