Is it possible to make a a clan tournament with prizes?


I want to make a clan tournament for my clan. I want to know if it is possible and how to do it


Yeah I was thinking about doing that as well but you can’t give gems to other players so it would have to be automatically given by the company.


I support it but don’t support it, if you’re doing a tournament where the prizes will be given by the clan leader, then yes. If the company has to give the crystals, then a no because it’s the clan leader’s responsibility, not the codecombat staffs, but currently it is impossible to open a clan tournament.


The only thing which would need to change would be the possibility of a clan Leader being able to give the clan’s members gems, but I think the devs have more important things on their list at the moment or maybe not, I don’t know.


That is fine i just want a friendly competition for my clan ( you joined :smile:).


I joined your clan @Enderlord832 Minecraft monsters


oh ok. thanks I actually am more active on the Legion of lightning. It would be cool if you joined that one :smile:
the link is on the official clan topic.


ok @Enderlord832 i’ll join that one to


Thanks for joining! Welcome to the clan! :smile:


can you show the link


sure (20 characters)



ok I joined the clan


Thanks for joining! Welcome to the clan :smile: