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Extremely hard game!

Sorry about that. Can you make levels for thangs? Like a capstone multiplayer game. E.G you win against 10 different users, and you can evolve one of your type of units E.G lightning-shaman, and it costs 50 coins to do so, and you get 5 coins when you win, and when you eveolve, the L Shaman gets like more health, more chain lightning dmg, etc. Is there a way to make like a currency in a game? Like when u win, u get some currency, and a menu shows up, and asks you what you want to evolve, and when you click something, it evolves.

So something like?

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I don’t understand.
Are the changes saved?
Like, lets say a player gets 12 gold, and they keep the 12 gold in the ladder, and they can use the gold to buy like better stuff to put, like better roads.

I don’t think there’s a way to transfer gold across different submissions.

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Anyways, can do you even make the stuff like reward gold? (gold cannot be spend outside the game) so u cant use gold to buy better stuff for ur hero, but u can use gold to like evolve ur units.

These methods should help

# Changes income
@inventorySystem.teamGold[team].income = n
# Sets gold
@inventorySystem.teamGold[team].gold = n
# Subtracts gold
@inventorySystem.subtractGoldForTeam [team]
# Adds gold
@inventorySystem.addGoldForTeam [team]
# Returns the amount of gold 
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That looks quite useful. But what I want, is like on the ladder, their is something that says like (player ammountGold) and evolve units, and blah blah blah. Then u can evolve a unit. I can use more thang templates for the evolved units.Is that possible?

I’m not quite sure if I can quite grasp what you’re trying to say, but if you want to “evolve/level-up” units, you should look at the code behind blazing battle.

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Here is what I want to do:
A. When a player wins a game, give the player 5 Gold, that they can spend on evolving
B. Evolve units, PERMANENTLY. Example: RandomGuy: I have 600 gold! Time to evolve my water shaman from III to IV!
After evolving:
Level 1 - level 4 difference PERMANENT
dmg 25- 100
health 60-120
haste duration 3-8
Then all water shamans summoned by that player have level 4.
Maximum value = V

As I said, there is no way to “save” in-level progress across other submissions, so that won’t work. In terms of arena design, your goal is to make it as fair as possible, so having people who have higher wins get a much higher advantage over new players is not the suitable design for these types of arenas.

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Oh. Ok. I could make a component called hero.evolve

targets = hero.findByType("water-shaman", hero.findFriends())

Blazing battle should have a pre-built mechanic that evolves units. You could try looking at it.

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I will do that right now! :slight_smile: @Chaboi_3000

Yeah, I looked at the referee and hero placeholder, and units, but I cant find it.

It’s in a function within the referee code called @upgradeTower()

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Okay. Thank you. But Shamans are moving units. And it wouldnt be ez to literlly summon a shaman on top of another shaman of the same type.

I didn’t say to upgrade shamans by summoning them on top of each other. You have full control on how you are going to upgrade units.

Ok! Thanks so much! Good luck in castle wars when you play later! I hope u beat people.

Lol, don’t worry about him- he’ll be just fine.

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@enPointe77 are you gonna try the game? Lol

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