NEW Replayable level! Flaming Mountains

I made a new level called Flaming Mountains.
Please dont be made at me that it was forked from Cloudrip Brawl.
I couldn’t find a good terrain, and I was too lazy to make some terrain.
There are many differences from Cloudrip Brawl.
The waves are intensified.
It will now spawn fire monsters.
600 health, 30 dmg ogres.
There are more power in the waves.
The gold cloud is gone.
On the plus side, the referee will only spawn silver and gems.
Best of all, after 30 seconds, 1 or 2 friendly units will spawn for you to command.
They will be idle by default, and you have to command them
The units are either warlocks or witches.
Only 1 or 2 will spawn more round, but as you get higher rounds, more friendly units will spawn.
CanCast works on both warlocks and witches, and they both have findFriends, so the witches can heal your friends, and the warlocks can grow your friends.
Witches can heal themselves.

if witch.canCast("heal"):
    hero.command(witch, 'cast', 'heal', witch)

Of course, you need to define witch first.
Friendly Witch slow spell range has been drastically increased.
Headhunters won’t spawn.
Witches are 3 times more common then warlocks, so you are lucky if you get a warlock.
Chieftains are more common…
Play here.
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How many times can you beat it?
I only got to difficulty 1 before i had to wait a day, because I was stupid and used omarn, and there was an enemy witch and ogre-f, and I dumbly targeted the ogre with my vine staff, which got healed by the enemy witch.
stupidhead grant lol

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I updated Flaming Mountains.
If you don’t know what flaming mountains is, it’s basically a cloudrip brawl, that doesnt have a gold cloud, spawns silver and gems instead of gold coins, doesn’t spawn fangriders and headhunters, and spawns fire monsters. Also, after 20 seconds, friendly warlocks chieftains and witches will spawn for YOU to command. They won’t do anything until you command them to do something.
Witches can use findFriends.
Witches can use CanCast.
if witch.canCast(“heal”):
Chieftains can be commanded to warcry.

do something

Friendly witches and warlocks have 300 health.
Warlocks can use findFriends
Warlocks can use CanCast
Warlocks can use findCorpses.
You can do hero.command(chieftain, ‘warcry’)
Chiftains can use isReady
You get a naria, with great tier gear.
Tell me what diffculty you get up to.
Here it is!

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I beat 6 before the simulation breaks down (velocities become NaN) and progression becomes impossible.

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I got up to 5, but I was oblitirated in a few seconds on difficulty 5

Did you command the witches and warlocks?

Witches yes, I didn’t see any warlocks. I probably could have kept going quite a bit further!

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Did you command the witches to heal, and stuff?

@Hydrobolic You didn’t see any warlocks?

Alchemist rework:
All benevolent spell duration increased to 50 seconds.
Damage decrease from 60 to 40 a second.

What alchemist? (hate 20 chars)

Wrong level post sorryy.
Alchemist is a type of unit it burning ices.

Could you also command soldiers, archers, and the other stuff you can summon. I don’t like handling ogres by my hero only. I know that there are those witches and warlocks, but could you do that as an extra. @RangerGrant9307

Yes, of course you can.

lvl 4 without any dmg taken lool
abused a glitch involving naria’s hitbox

This level is super cool! I’ve went up to level 4 but unlike most levels on CodeCombat, you don’t get XP or gems. Is there a way that you can make it?

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It can be so only when the level is added to the map and when it became official I think.

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Oh, ok. Thanks for telling me!


No problem! I’m not really sure about it, but I think it is like that.

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@RangerGrant9307, WHY IS THERE A YETI?!? It just goes around attacking anything and everything with HP until it dies. I didn’t hear that in your description of Flaming Mountains.