Fierce Forces Patch Notes

Fierce Forces is live! This post will contain the notable updates that are done to the arena

Changes might not appear immediately after being posted, to feel the changes early, you can use the direct version of CodeCombat


Nerfed pull, push, and burst

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The arena heats up further :fire:


-Improved collision and positioning constraint, units should never appear out of order/ in front of the boulders now

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-Fixed boulders getting past each respective lane points

  • Boulders now have a 1 second delay after exploding before they respawn
  • If the spawn of the current lane is blocked by a unit, the newly spawned unit will be spawned behind the backmost unit, if the position of the newly spawned unit would be out of bounds (out of the map view), the unit will not be spawned

– Fixed and added hero.wait(t)

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  • added boulder.currentSpeed that returns the current speed of the boulder (but not direction)
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