Fractalization is not letting me start

For some reason I cant start this level at all no matter what I do.

Did you try reloading it? When I clicked on the level it works fine for me; it only requires the flower band.
Otherwise I have no idea why the level isn’t letting you proceed

reloading doesnt do anything unless im reloading wrong.

maybe try to unequip it and then reload? Try unequipping the other ring and equipping the flower ring into its slot?

Try removing the flag maybe that’s the problem

doesnt work, i cant even unequip anything until I equip the flower ring.

i cant remove the flag but I can equip stuff and have it become locked.

That’s a weird bug. Do other levels do the same thing with the locking?

No just this one, Ill try playing on a different browser at some point.

You could also try, sometimes it fixes bugs

doesnt work, it wont let me start.

Solved this by click and dragging items off my character before attempting to equip the flower ring.