Frozen Fortress Patch Notes

There will be updates and changes for the Season 7 arena “Frozen Fortress”

Tie-breaking is fixed. If both players die in the same frame, then we compare their final health, then score points; if nothing helps, we flip a coin. The similar mechanic when time is out. The failed base is shown as destroyed; the winner is always alive.

hero health and maxHealth is available props

Hello all, I’m currently doing an internship at CoCo and I’ll be handling some of the updates on Frozen Fortress!

an update is coming and here is the changelog.



attackDamage: 50 -> 40
attackRange: 40 -> 15


attackDamage: 5 -> 7
attackRange: 30 -> 20
blastRadius: 25 -> 37


Health per mana: 5 -> 4
Speed multiplier: 200% -> 300%

-added hero.findOppositeEnemies()

-Increased default base mana regen by a little
details: baseRegen = hero.time * 0.3 -> hero.time * 0.35
-Updated documentation to match

Feel free to report any bugs and give some feedbacks on "Frozen Fortress" bugs and feedback

An update, ability balance and monster APIs


Health per mana: 4 -> 10


Health per mana: 2-> 4

-exposed monster.attackDamage
-exposed monster.attackRange
-exposed monster.speed

exposed properties are able to be accessed by your code.

Updated documentation to match.

Small update on API

-method name changed, - hero.findOppositeEnemies() -> hero.findOpponentEnemies()
-added hero.findNearestOpponentEnemy()

Another small API update

-exposed hero.color
-exposed hero.pos