Game Grove on Game Development Maze Spawn Error

I can’t get past this because as soon as it launches it says there is an error in the code and I haven’t even touched anything. I did look through the hints and the commands and tried game.spawnMaze(“forest”, 3); but nothing worked.

This picture is what I see with the original code reloaded and I haven’t changed anything. The level also doesn’t load, just the green grass background.

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Can you please send a link to the level?

Thanks, and sure.

Can you please format your code as it says here:

Lol what code? I haven’t written any that is the pre-loaded game code.

If you didn’t write code, we can’t help you. Try to write your code and we will help you!

I didn’t write code because as soon as the level loads it pops in error on the pre-loaded code to the game. The level doesn’t even load all the way. If you went to the link then it is clear. It is a problem with the pre-written code.

Hmm. Strange. I’m coding on Python and I haven’t got any errors on that line where you have.

I’m on C++ maybe that has something to do with it?

Maybe because it is a new language on CodeCombat?

Yes maybe. It said experimental though I am new to coding I’m not sure what that means lol. I will try to skip the level anyhow. Thanks for trying to help.

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Okay. If you solve the error I will be glad to help you!

Finding alot of these errors now actually. I just found another on this level:

Once again this is on the pre-written code and the level will not load. I have not changed anything.

try switching your language to python or javascript it is a stable language