Game Idea sign up!

This is a place to sign up for a video game project that I had an Idea on. The requirements:

  1. If you have read Percy Jackson or any Greek mythology books.
  2. You have a little experience with coding.

If you meet these requirements and you want to join I will invite you to the club.

Happy Coding

  • i am already in
  • sure.
  • nope.

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What if you’re experienced at coding? Can you join? or if you haven’t read Percy Jackson? Are you allowed to join?

yeah but you should read some about some greek monsters or somthing before joining and if you want i can invite you. We can just give you the background of the book.

Well, I haven’t read the books, but I know Greek myths. I love Greek myths. So sure.

can you add me? 20 charactat

Please Invite me I want to be in because i read all the series of Percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus and I can code also


Add me, please.I know and like Greek myths as well.And I am really interested in video game projects!
I think you know my coding skills.(which ain’t very good though.)


Can all who have answered “sure” in the poll switch your answer to “I’m already in”, please? You’ve all been invited in.