Percy Jackson Topic[SPOILERS]

If you have ever read the book series and did not get something? I can answer all the questions.
And if you have anything to say about the books you read you can put here.

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anything to say well i love percy jackson people say its like harry potter but its like a completely different myth and setting


I love Percy Jackson! And I love all Rick Riordian books!
I agree with cheddarcheese, Percy Jackson is like Harry Potter but with Greek myths!


my questions:
first:what is Percy Jackson?
Is that picture in the book?

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I actually got a camp half blood hephaestus cabin shirt.

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Percy Jackson is a series written by Rick Riordian that deals with Greek Mythology. It talks about how Percy has to go through all these challenges to stop Titans or just to avoid death.
I don’t quite understand your second question.


In the story, Percy Jackson is a demigod, the son of Sally Jackson( his mortal parent )and the Greek god Poseidon. In the series Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Percy starts to becomes more brave through out the book series. He serves as the first head counselor of the Poseidon cabin at his demigod summer camp (which is Camp Half-Blood. )
And no its not a picture in the book it the sea of monster front page


have you people read heroes of Olympus, too?

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Yes I have. But I like the first ones better. ( like the sea of monsters, the lightning thief etc.etc )

My fav is the Blood of Olympus.

Is that also a movie too?

no, there’s only a movie of the first two Percy jackson books, and the movies are bad.

I though there was a move called the blood of Zeus but its just some random show not anything related to Percy Jackson.
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Harry Potter is based off of greek myths. Just doesn’t openly express it.

Harry Potter is no where close to Greek Myths

Plus, I read trials of Apollo 1 and 2

mars the god of war is from greek myths

and all of heros of olympus