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_**Q: How to I compete with my friends?**_
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A: There should be a way to do this via Facebook. I have not done this myself, so if anyone has more specific instructions on it, feel free to post a reply.

Multiplayer Games - #2 by nick (Jun 20115)

As @VincentMaths shows, it appears if you login with you FaceBook or Google+ account to the CodeCombat site there should be a link on the multiplayer screen to allow you to connect to friends. The link should look like the image below: ![|267x100](upload://qXhmp8iTm6cTOuXiO6CbPkeE4JB.png) ( Thank you @Vlevo for image )

Fighting a specific opponent on Ladder

Q: I cannot change my gear on team (blue/red)

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A: Try “Change Hero” on a blue game.

Changing Gear for Multiplayer Blue Team (Nov 2015)

Q: How do I see my score for multiplayer?

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A: There are two known areas to check.

The first place to look is at the bottom of the “Ladder” tab in the multiplayer screen. You ranking number, Score, and Name should be highlighted.

The second place is in the profile page.

How to find your multiplayer score? - #4 by dideler (Dec 2014)

Q: I am simulating (5k games have passed by) but I do not seem to see new games appear under my “Matches” tab. I am also not ranking up.

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A: Change something in your code, add a comment etc, and resubmit

Multiplayer game not being simulated - #2 by nick (Mar 2015)

Q: I submitted my code for a ladder why don’t I see any matches?

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A recommendation would be to start gem farming as the simulations sometimes stop. If no one else is simulating then you wouldn’t see a change in your ranking or new matches from what I understand.

Possible Error for Ranked Ladder (Dungeon Arena)

Q: Is multiplayer really worth playing?

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A: Yes, actually. Apparently there were tournaments based on multiplayer with great prizes. Perhaps they will do this again?
CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

Q: How do I see the new gems I am awarded? How do I get the ladderville award?

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A: Click the game sound button 20 times and you should see your gems update on the campaign map as well as an award display. As you play through the levels your new gems should show up automatically as well. So you don’t need to do this to be awarded. If you are trying to buy equipment and you don’t see the new gems, this might also be a way to ensure they show up before you go to the gear shop.

It is my understanding that your account gets the gems awarded regardless if you do this trick or not. This trick might just allow you to see an updated total.

← Click me 20 times

And this award will show up.

Then click the browsers refresh button and you should see more gems!

Q: How to Target the enemy hero in multiplayer

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if ( === "Hero Placeholder 1")

Use this to your advantage.

Thanks @ant (Nov 2015)

Q: Why can’t I get the VS Shaman CPU achievement?

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So this is a bit complicated. It appears at one point there was talk about awarding players for beating subsequent higher computer AI’s. However, if you look at the opponents in the “Play as Red” screen you will notice that there is no “Shaman CPU” name in the line up.

So the only way to play against the “Shaman CPU” is to click on its Fight! link in under the “Ladder tab”.

But this still will not award you the achievement even if you win this way.

The only way reported that you will get this achievement currently is if you randomly fight the Shaman CPU while having your game simulated. In a ladder of 10,000 players this is unlikely to happen.

You can read these posts for more information:
Zero Sum - that sums it up - not getting any achievement

Bug report
Wakka Maul: Fighting against the simple AI can also unlock other Wakka Maul achievements. · Issue #3241 · codecombat/codecombat · GitHub

Q: Is there a chart for how many Gems you can earn?

Yes there is! - Click to View

Thank you @ant posted here (October 2015)

Q: My browser has crashed / locked up from simulating games is this a bug?

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If your web browser is actually locking up or crashing when simulating games there might be an issue. Read through the bug report to see if you are in a similar predicament and let them know on the forums that there may be an issue again.

Ladder game simulation crashes frequently · Issue #3202 · codecombat/codecombat · GitHub

Thank you @ant

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