Fighting a specific opponent on Ladder

I’d like to play specific IRL friends on the ladder. I found out it is possible, but it seems I can’t do it without facebook or Google+. Is there a way to do it in game without the whole facebook thing ?

On the ladder, I have possibility to fight against players around my elo, and the url of the page generated contains what seems to be the ID of the player ( opponent = XXX ) :

How can I get my own ID string to communicate to my friends ? (console function ?). Is this the ID of a specific version of his code, or his latest code ? I could wait to see the name of my friend in my simulated log history and click on “fight”, but this process seems tedious and unreliable.

Weird, I see the following if I’m not logged into codecombat:

and the following if I am logged into codecombat:

So I’d guess that is just a “use facebook/google+ to find your facebook/google+ friends who are also on codecombat.”

If you are logged into CodeCombat you can “fight” anyone on the list, and spectate any battles you want . . . and there is a more button to see “more” of the list if the people you want don’t show.

(sometimes I have to reload the page a time or two to get the more button to work…)

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Alright. Thanks a lot. Actually I encountered the same problem :

I should have tried to reload when it didn’t work the first time. I thought it was a dead link, but actually wasn’t. This answer all my problems to fight an IRL friend. Clicking more and more on the “more” button provides more players to play against, when I thought initially the number of players displayed was limited to 120. I feel ashamed I created a topic that had such an easy answer. Thanks for taking the time to answer my (bad) question.