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Not Earning simulation gems


I have never earned gems for simulating games, since that I never really believed simulating games was a big deal. I have earned my gems by working hard on the levels and earning them every month. I also don’t get a question of the day anymore I also think this a bug and should be fixed as you can see

I want this to work I haven’t found anything like this in topics. I have gotten ladderville pop-ups


Okay, you are not quite making sense right now…

Your title is Not Earning Simulation Gems, but you spend most of this topic talking about how you earn your gems and asking about a different topic. What, exactly, is the point of this topic?


I can’t earn simulation gems and don’t know how to do simulation matches.


You simulate games by going to any ladder on a multiplayer game and clicking the button that says “Simulate”. You update the number of gems you have earned by clicking the speaker button multiple times.


Speaker button, where?


In the top right corner of your screenshot, there is a sound speaker button thing. Click it multiple times. Eventually, the achievement should show up.


Okay so now how do I earn simulation gems, if that is a thing I don’t know.


You earn gems for simulating games . . . same kind of gems as when you complete a level…

As for “how” has already been answered…

It has a chance to update every so many interactions, like playing levels, etc. Clicking the speaker control is just the fastest way to generate these interactions…

The multiplayer “ladder games” are the ones where you compete against other players, such as: Cavern Survival (dungeon), Dueling Grounds (forest), Multiplayer Treasure Grove (forest), etc. There is currently at least one in every world-region (Dungeon through Mountain). You get to the “ladder” page, usually, by clicking on the level on the map and selecting “Scores”. You only need to simulate in one so pick one and go for it. (Games simulated doesn’t care which level you are on (for “count of simulations” or “level to simulate”.)

If you want to know how many gems, well Search!!, um, I mean, check out this post… :blush: