[Guide] Making topics

This forum is a nice cozy place thanks to our moderators and admins, but you can also contribute by making new posts and topics! There are a few ways to make your topic more popular, more exciting, and perhaps enough to get it globally pinned! But there are some steps into making a great topic.
First, you need to decide what the topic should be about. Whether it’s about help in a level or new ideas. But if all topics are in the same category, we won’t know what it’s about and it’ll make the forum very messy. So in order to avoid that, we must go to the category section and choose whatever category to choose. Those that don’t have a category, such as help for level topics, go to uncategorized. Now you guys are wondering, what are ways to make a good topic? You need a relevant brand new topic, not a copy of other ones. Ideas are the most interesting of them all! To make a friendly one, make sure that it’s respectful and no insults as well as swear words because it might be inappropriate for some people. After you made the insides, click create topic and you are done!