Has anyone beaten "The Trials" on a free account?

Did you get there from clicking a link on facebook? Anybody can access it from links i believe.

k good, but now i have the problem of having -4213 gems? help? like quick! cause i don’t think i did anything wrong, didn’t hack or anything!

@sotonin I don’t think so. I only see mad maxer sells out from facebook. I think after I played that, I was then allowed to play mad maxer gets greedy and then mad max: redemption. But I don’t remember exactly.

I could be wrong, but I thought the facebook links were for when stuff opened to everyone, not just adventurers.

@nick for some reason, i got access to a subscription level, as an adventurer (the weekly level thing), i beat the level and spent around 4000 something on unlocking Naria of Leaf (i unlocked it by finishing that level) and getting some equipment, and now I have -4213 gems for some reason P.S I had 6000 something gems before that

I was able to beat it on a free account, but was near death after each round.

Hero - Anya
Long Sword
Steel Striker (shield)
2264 hp

prioritize killing ranged enemies
clear out any enemy you could aggro before eating the last mushroom to spawn a wave

@HAMINPANTS Check this thread for the details on that bug: Bug with Achievements and Gems

@nick Thank you VERY VERY VEY MUCH :smile:

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I beat trials level on free account with 1705 hp

I beat The Trials with Anya.
Kithsteel blade
Steel Striker
Boots of Jumping ( I used the Move method )
1316 hp

I haven’t made a try at The Trials in a while, but kithsteel is a game changer for the warrior class on other levels. Besides the higher damage, the 7m range range is just a huge improvement. Against throwers you can get to them much faster (4m faster, in essence) and against non-throwers you can get an attack or two in before they reach you. Against lower health opponents you can kill them before they touch you at all.

Also, if you have the gems to buy them, the monolith and deflector are both nice upgrades to the striker, but not nearly the improvement you get from kithsteel.

I saw the gems glitch thing, but for some reason still none of the stuff i got during that time with the gems i was accidentally given, was given back in gems so i still have negative gems, is there a reason for this? or have you just not fixed everyones yet. cause I got rid of 2000 something of the -4000 something gems already

I’ve just reset your purchases, so you should be good to go again. Note that it won’t unequip items from levels you have already done, but you won’t be able to re-equip them without buying them again if you unequip them.

I posted an issue with this mechanic on Adventure Email level - Cavern Survival.

K thanks :grin:

After losing all my stuff i paid for because of the gem glitch, I had 8000 something gems (lol) and even though I lost all my old ‘good’ stuff I was able to get back Naria of Leaf, the same armor, the precision rifle AKA the ‘boom boom stick’ ( I like to call because I like to call it that since it’s so OP), the compound boots, hardened steel glasses, and a few more after I beat a few more levels that I couldn’t beat before. I beat it on a free account! (actually just a few minutes ago) With these equips:
Char: Naria of Leaf
Chestplate: Hardened Emerald Chainmail Tunic
Helmet: Hardened Emerald Chainmail Coif
Primary Weapon: Precision Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Razor Disc
Boots: Compound Boots
-Workers Gloves
-Simple Wrist Watch
-Leather Belt
-Programmaticon 3
-Saphire Sense Stone
-Steel Ring
-Basic Flag
-Boss Star 1

And as a request, can there be more levels that get harder each time you play it and complete it? (like you could maybe make this level re-do able and get harder each time!)

I think this level is hard enough as it is

I know I did it when I was still sporting the long sword as my “winning” code for at least level 0, maybe level 1 of it included cleave.

I went back to try making new methods to beat higher levels, but haven’t put a lot of time into it past that. Better gear helps, although yours is pretty similar to mine (You have a much better sword than I did, but slightly less health, I think the trials is why I bought the obsidian plate.)

What do you have? By the way, I just bought the kithsteel blade.

I did it!!! I used:
hero: Tharain
sword: Kithsteel Blade
chestplate: Painted Steel Chestplate
helmet: Steel Helmet
shield: Steel Striker
Programication II
Basic Flags
Boots of Jumping
Hardened Steel Glasses (Could have made do with Kithsteel Glasses, but the better visual range is nice)
stuff I had but didn’t use: :smile:
Steel Ring
Boss star 1
Programication III
Engraved Wristwatch
Quartz Sense Stone

My strategy used the FindByType method to prioritize: Throwers, then Shamans, then Scouts, then any other enemies, then move to mushrooms, then move to flags. I could paste in all my code, if you want. Grand total is 24 lines in JavaScript.