Has anyone beaten "The Trials" on a free account?


I have gotten through the first battle. Moved right killed everything.

Pickedup all the mushrooms, then killed two more rounds of enemies before getting overcome by an onslaught.

The last battle doesn’t even seem close and I think I have the near best gear possible for free players.

Before I bash my head against this further, has anyone completed this level? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the strategy.

The Trials Help!

Yeah, it does seem likely that it’s too hard to do on a free account with just the levels that are available now. I wouldn’t spend too much time headbashing on it!


Free or not free, that’s not the question. What is your equipment ? health and weapon…
On my side, I try to focus on only one type of hero. I helps to equip her better.


Vettax: In terms of my gear: I have 864 HP including the steel striker shield to get the damage reduction. My weapon is the darksteel blade.

I have optimized my code to eliminate the unnecessary conditions and now can survive until the gigantic ogre comes down, but the fight ends in a matter of seconds after he appears.

The reason I assume “Free” makes a difference is that there are less levels available; therefore, less opportunity to gain exp or crystals.

I guess I’ll just have to leave that level until more other levels come out to gain exp on those.


I have an alt account that I mainly use for testing, it is just possible with a free account if you are smart about how you spend your gems. The gear I beat it with on my alt:

  • Obsidian Breastplate
  • Steel Striker
  • Painted Steel Helmet
  • Enchanted Lenses (not necessary, but you will need to do some flag work without
  • Great Sword
  • Everything else was required by some level or another

The oracle is down to the wire with this, and you will probably need to dodge at least one projectile during the oracle fight to make it work.


Good to know Yaur.

I will use that as my baseline of the equipment that I need before realistically trying it.

I was rather selective how I spent my gems and have 1786 saved up. I’m going to keep them though until there are more levels released as I don’t want to spend down to nothing and then be blocked because I can’t afford a required piece of gear.

Appreciate the info.


This thread makes me happy. It seems to be turning out exactly how i had planned it difficulty wise. I wanted it to be very very hard but not impossible on a free account, only able to be beaten by smart crafty players. I’m actually a little surprised that I got it right pretty much the first time.


OMG! I finally beat the trials. So happy.

That was definitely the hardest level done so far.

Thanks to everyone who gave me tips on how to get passed this level.


Good job ! So Sotonin was right at the first try :slight_smile:


actually i think this might be a glitch, but i signed up as an adventurer and got access to a level that required a subscription somehow, and unlocked Naria of Leaf, had enough gems to get lighting stick, and armor to give me a boost of hp to give me about a little over 800 hp, and a pair of “fine wooden glasses”, using flags, i could get to the last ogre


what exactly do you think is a glitch?

FYI the naria level is brand new this round (meaning its not out for everybody, only adventurers… meaning yes. you are supposed to have access to it)


I got access to Naria in the last day or two. After playing Mad Maxer Redemption, I think. I’m a subscriber but not adventurer.


Did you get there from clicking a link on facebook? Anybody can access it from links i believe.


k good, but now i have the problem of having -4213 gems? help? like quick! cause i don’t think i did anything wrong, didn’t hack or anything!


@sotonin I don’t think so. I only see mad maxer sells out from facebook. I think after I played that, I was then allowed to play mad maxer gets greedy and then mad max: redemption. But I don’t remember exactly.

I could be wrong, but I thought the facebook links were for when stuff opened to everyone, not just adventurers.


@nick for some reason, i got access to a subscription level, as an adventurer (the weekly level thing), i beat the level and spent around 4000 something on unlocking Naria of Leaf (i unlocked it by finishing that level) and getting some equipment, and now I have -4213 gems for some reason P.S I had 6000 something gems before that


I was able to beat it on a free account, but was near death after each round.

Hero - Anya
Long Sword
Steel Striker (shield)
2264 hp

prioritize killing ranged enemies
clear out any enemy you could aggro before eating the last mushroom to spawn a wave


@HAMINPANTS Check this thread for the details on that bug: Bug with Achievements and Gems


@nick Thank you VERY VERY VEY MUCH :smile:


I beat trials level on free account with 1705 hp