"The Trials"- Strategy

Man this is a challenging and fun level! I am getting the snot beat out of me during the first trial! This is the first time in the game that my gaming skills are lagging behind my programming, which is a cool concept.

I can make it until the miniboss with the potionmaster. I prioritize attacking shaman and throwers, and slow down whomever I can. I use drainlife as my primary attack method to keep my health high enough to survive. After accepting the first trial I get mobbed and killed, usually by the big ogre at the end.

Any melee character I play gets mobbed and killed very quickly. I can’t regen their health, so it is far harder. Anyone having success with them?

I haven’t even tried ranged characters. Any luck?

This isn’t a code issue, so I’m not going to post any code here, but rather a strategy question, any takers?

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I’m curious what the lowest gear people are able to complete it with is. It was designed towards subscribers who have better armor than the average player and have beaten all the existing levels in all the campaigns. It’s supposed to be very very hard. I’m glad you are enjoying the challenge though! I beat it with tharin with the best armor the store can buy. hint if you can make it through the miniboss, you get a full heal in between each trial.

I was playing with the Librarian and some pretty high-level gear and was barely able to do all of it (the end boss is a killer). The minions and bosses before the last boss were fine, though. My strategy made use of a bunch of spells and some interest spell combos, plus a bit of kiting for the bosses until my nukes (Magic Missile) could recharge enough to blast them.

Similar to nick, I used Hushbaum. For me I used the Elemental Tome III and the best armor gems can buy (1200 health). I start by rounding up all the trash mobs on the screen so they aren’t in the way when kiting later.

I kite around for each wave, attacking and nuking as they are ready. So far I can get to the final boss, but haven’t beaten her yet.

Maybe I need to try a strategy that allows me to regen health… I think my best was getting the Oracle to like 30 health before she healed herself and killed me.

what is the last challenge who is the oracle of zha

A shaman type enemy who is beefed up and is pretty tough.

I did it with Anya. I’m not a subscriber, so below 900 in armor. A nice sword was needed for the boss as she regen heath very fast.
Maybe you could say I’m cheating a little bit, but a wise path can lead you to victory more easily :wink:
But I’m not winning in all cases…

Is it normal that life of intermediate ogres increase when we start fighting ? They starts at 120, and increase more than 200…(This is cheating :slight_smile: )

If you mean the “mini-bosses” thats intended. as soon as they spawn their health is set to 300. (hence the mini-boss terminology, if i left them the default they would be nothing special).

If you just see it happen when you engage. thats probably just a visual bug

Pardon my gaming ignorance, but “kiting” is moving around a lot?

kiting is running away from the enemy so they cant touch you. while turning occasionally and casting stuff on them. root or slow if you have it etc etc etc. or just running then turning and blasting with magic missile

How are you cheating? Are you avoiding some of the fight and somehow jumping straight to the oracle?

So, I finally beat it. I used Senick (he has heal which is quite nifty.) No major strategy other than checking if I need a heal every time through the loop and also attacking enemies based on type first rather than proximity.

Final code was only 24 lines of code. Not bad considering my previous attempt was probably 100 lines and still failing!

I’m a peacefull man. As it’s not required to kill everybody, why doing so ?
But you can’t jump directly to the oracle, because it will not appear. (I could show you pictures, but it may spoil the level, does the author of the level allow me to do that ?)

For the warrior, self healing is also cheating :wink:

You managed to leave the enemies from the waves spawned and just pick off the minibosses? thats creative. But actually it is intended to kill all the enemies. I will quickly fix that by requiring every single ogre on the map to be dead before the boss spawns.

It’s been patched. Every ogre must die before the Oracle will show her ugly face. No more cheap tricks!

And warrior self healing isn’t cheating if the hero has the skill :slight_smile:

With the knight, the great sword and steel striker I’m using the following strategy:

  1. Kill all the trash before you get started
  2. pick up items and kill trash more or less randomly
  3. just before the miniboss spawns, power up and focus on him
  4. cleanup and repeat
    This take 700-800 health
    By dragging the last miniboss to the Oracle’s spawn point and more efficient targeting you could probably bring this down to 650-700

@sotonin, I would prefer you leave it this way, it could help people with less armor to find a way to win. Code is more tricky, but, heh, that’s the target.

Sorry. That goes against the original idea of the level. It’s already been changed, You have to kill every unit in the waves not just the mini bosses… no more cheatskies!

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Sorry for my ignorance but where could I find this level it sounds very fun and I would like to try it

I’m also intrigued. My feeling is that I haven’t beaten enough levels in order to unlock it (Sarven Shepherd is my current block point!)

Sarven Shepherd unlocks it but here’s the link