Haunted Kithmaze - Guide Loop not turning off

I’ve attempted “Haunted Kithmaze” twice, both on a registered account and unregistered account. I am unable to complete it.

The “Loops are a better way of doing repetitive things.” Guide Loop isn’t disabling when I put my own code underneath. Thus my hero continues to walk the ‘straight line’ loop, and my code isn’t even being read.

I’m using Python as my language. I am also unable to interact with the Guide Loop Code at the top, in order to disable it. It won’t register keystrokes at all, nor is there a button to disable it.

How do I disable the ‘Guide Loop Code’, in order for the game to recognize my own code, thus allowing me to complete the level?

I’m using Chrome browser on Windows 8.

We did make it so that you can’t edit the sample code, because we noticed that messing up the sample code led to a lot of players getting stuck. That said, we need to make a better way around it, because it can be really frustrating when you really do want to edit it. (You don’t have to edit the sample code for this level–you can just add more code below it.)

One way around it is this: edit the code a bit so that it’s not the default code. Now reload the page. It should stop locking the sample code for you.

I’ve added more code below it, on line 7 - 9.


However, it’s continuing to loop lines 3-6 within the sample code, even after reloading the page, and after adding new code below the sample code.

I’ve also used



You should be able to add a couple lines inside the default loop to finish it rather than creating a whole new loop.

Same thing whenever I try he does it once but then never does it again & it won’t turn off

I just reloaded the level and was able to complete with no problems. You cannot change the initial code, but you can add another line of code (or 2) inside the loop. just make sure that the code you add is indented with the other lines.


And now it works. Apparently I was, now, able to add lines of code in the loop.

It looks like what I had been doing was manually going down to line 7 (when line 6 is the final line of the loop) and starting a new loop there. This time, I took dwhittaker’s advice, and approached it differently - I hit enter after the last line of the sample loop, and added the self.moveUp() lines after it.

Text added to the same line, however, done in a different manner.

Thanks dwittaker!

Glad to be of assistance! :slight_smile:


Hello, The way you complete HAUNTED KITHMAZE, is like this.

[redacted, we never post correct code]

After that you have completed the whole thing. If you like this comment please give it a thumbs up, because I am new, so it will probably inspire me, thank you for reading the comment! :smile: See ya!

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