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Help! I have -3655 GEMS now! I can't continue the game until I get 100 GEMS to buy a glass!What should I do?

P.S. I’m TorchHolder

I thought the purpose of buying was permanent, these people have had a bug, so they HAD to be reset, but resetting purchases isn’t supposed to be selling, as:
(random) = 2500 gems
(random) = 3200 gems
very strong(random) = 5700 gems
You could get (random) and (random), then upgrade to very strong (random), without losing a single gem.

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The problem is, my caltrops belt doesn’t work and I didn’t know the Worn Dragon shield doesn’t have bash.

  1. Your caltrops belt doesn’t work? Tell me more about it.
  2. You should have looked at the Worn Dragon Shield before buying it.

When I try to use the belt, my hero (Tharin) continuously hits the ground but does nothing except take damage. Once he starts this, he won’t stop until I end the animation.

@byc That’s probably because your hero does not have enough gold to build what you are trying to build. You can use the costOf method to check if you have enough gold:

if >= hero.costOf('thing I want to build'):'thing I want to build')

I’ve tried that…