Hero suggestion

make some suggestion about hero like thinking of a new hero or old hero edit

we can our hero by ourself in editor for like 50 000 gems lol

what is “we can our hero by ourself in editor”

so like theres a editor page where if you want to unlock it you need like 50 000 gem then in the editor theres like a page where you can make your own hero like example my hero like thisimage
then there i can put whats the skill by coding again lol

is it only subcriber or what

or can u add strong skill and high hp or dmg or speed

true but theres like a limit

is there any link cna u send me the link in here?

what link btw?20000000000

the character edit link

is it true i never heard it dont troll me

Bro wddym its just my idea i dont have the link just in my head lol

so its just an idea!

yea hahaa 200000000000000000