Heroes and Their Stats - A reference

So there won’t be any heroes?

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Usara is probably going to be the last hero.


What do you mean by “probably”?


It means it’s likely that she’ll be the last hero, but I’m not saying there won’t be any new heroes in the future.


Ohhhh, so is CoCo’s main focus to release the Volcano and new items now?

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There’s a big awesome something coming up soon :wink: Keep watching. :eyes: Since Ozaria has content, some of the focus is back to CoCo again. (Though not completely) I’d really like to rebalance some of the current game content(ie. items, heroes) and rework some of the current stuff before going to new content.


Spoilers… Thats interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, if you powerSwap() with robobomb you will have damage 1000?

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No, because Robobomb’s attack damage is set to 6 :slight_smile: It’s a separate attribute.


But the original Robobomb damage is 1000, right? SO if you summon it it has damage 1000 and if you powerSwap() with it it will be 6?

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No, no, no. Robobomb’s attack is special that it has a separate stat called suicideExplosion damage that has the value of 1000.


I’m :confused: now, so let’s wait when I maybe subscribe and buy Usara. :slightly_smiling_face:


is this up to date @Chaboi_3000

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Yep. It is.

okay good bye hoping for new heroes

REALLY wish Usura’s price could be lower, but With power comes… um, a huge price tag?


Let’s find out which hero is the best:

Choose the best hero(-es)!
    • Sir Tharin Thunderfist
    • Captain Anya Weston
    • Alejandro the Duelist
    • Lady Ida Justheart
    • Amara Arrowhead
    • Hattori Hanzo
    • Miss Hushbaum
    • Senick Steelclaw
    • Omarn Brewstone
    • Gordon the Stalwart
    • Naria of the Leaf
    • Pender Spellbane
    • Arryn Stonewall
    • Nalfar Cryptor
    • Zana Woodheart
    • Okar Stompfoot
    • Ritic the Cold
    • Illia Shieldsmith
    • Usara Master Wizard

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Dude, Tharin and Anya basically started CoCo.

Yeah, I know.I remember days, when there were only free heroes and subscription free heroes.

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you know what else is expensive. Baby griffin its 1700 gems and also it said it would make you fly
its the most trash pet :sob:

That doesn’t have to do with this topic. Read what it does here Miscs And Their Statistics - A Reference or here Pet Review + Tips