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Hey Guys! I'm Back! For now.... XD


Hey Code Combat!

I was hoping I’d be back at coding sooner but I couldn’t stand memorizing my god dang work procedures XD.
Hopefully I’ve memorized enough.
I swear NO ONE at my workplace memorizes work procedures O.o .
I’m pretty sure I have a solid place at work.
I just got a week or so to go and I’m done with the probationary period.

Now on to the best part!
Becoming a coder!!!


No offence, but people post here question about the levels, so…


Its okay no offence taken. I understand the nature of this forum XD


I don’t see anything that says it has to be about levels. Do you?

@HeroslasherX Welcome back to the game! I just came back about a month ago from a 1 and 1/2 year break. I know there are a lot of changes, so feel free to ask us anything. :slight_smile:


@taylerzy Thanks man. It’s always nice just talking up a regular human conversation. Human to human.
And again @RenziYT, no offence taken its cool.