How come along time ago you don't need a pet but now we do i hav mine but it is 4000 gems


i now have 24,000 gems let me show you

my gems and level


What exactly are you requesting?


Please clarify. Are you at a high enough level to buy a pet from the shop? Restate question because it is unclear


yes but when i click it it says error


Send a screenshot of the error


i don’t have one screenshot


I think he might be refering to the loud quietness level in the mountain (up left).
Normally pets are unlocked at level 66 (when you check in the shop) but they are necessary for this level and we have to buy the baby griffin to pass it. I haven’t try yet, I would have liked to choose the pet since it cost 4000 gems but you can’t till your level 66 (i’m level 32 so far from it)


Please let me know the name of the level. I will see if this holds true.


the name is Loud quietness


Thanks. I tested the level and the Baby Griffin was not required. Use the Wolf Pet you accquired for FREE in Backwoods Forest.


Which level is that? i finished the backwoods forest and I remember doing some levels with pets but we only had them for a time…
here is a screenshot

and I don’t mind buying a pet but I would have liked to have a choice between them :sweat_smile:


Go back and play the level Dread Door in the Dungeon to unlock the Wolf.


Ok thank you. I don’t plan on subscribing until I finish all the “free” levels, so I’ll just pay the 4000 gems. that’s fair enough. :slight_smile:


oh I Bought it I have 29900 gems