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Has anyone gotten to level 66?


I’m on level 48 but I haven’t gotten to 66. The pets were supposed to be available at level 66 so I was confused if they didn’t think anyone could get there. Has anyone got there, can you get there, and is there a level limit?


Level 66 is currently impossible to reach. Its just means that something is unreleased and still in testing.


Hi, pets are for subscribers only. If you are a subscriber that wants to unlock pets, replay The Second Kithmaze and Known Enemy in the Dungeon to ensure you unlock them!

If you are a subscriber and haven’t unlocked the pets, but have beat those levels, let me know. You should’ve gotten them when we updated the achievements for those levels.


when is the real griffin pet going to come up? I have the test one that doesn’t move to the hero.

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Ya I’m a subscriber thanks for the info!


It’s been a while since this discussion has been commented on, so I was hoping that level 66 is out now. The volcano map is out now


are you sure? have you actually played it?


No, but I’ve seen it on the big map where you choose the other maps

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I don’t think it’s released yet.


Level 66 is not attainable yet. Lava/Volcano world isn’t released yet either.

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The volcano. world is confirmed to be but the actual world is not made yet.


There isn’t a direct link to the last world, but hopefully the world is going to be awesome!

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