How do I get past this stage being F2P?

Hello. My account is free and I completed only 3 Kithgard dungeon missions. After that I can not continue because the game asks me to pay a monthly fee. How can I keep playing without having to pay?

If there is not, then the game can not be considered free to play because there are few free stages.

The blue banner levels are not free, while the red levels are free.

That’s not it though, I’ve just tried starting a new account and I was able to play the level: “Enemy Mine” without a subscription, whereas Staniack doesn’t seem able to play that level,
@Staniack is that right?
(Oh and btw chaboi, did you only pay $39.99 for the subscription, I paid £79.99, what is this!??!!!)

Why? I paid a full $79 on it? Who told you that?

I know that. But the stage I want to play is red flag. The problem is that upon entering it, the game asks me to pay a fee. You understand this? I do not know why this happens. I’m from Brazil, maybe that’s why. Maybe they do not like citizens of underdeveloped countries. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yes, that’s it. And I do not know why that happens! Maybe it’s my location. And yes, it’s $ 39.99 to play for life. I believe that this is variable according to the country

Gosh, i hope not. chaboi, it says it on the screen shot. And staniack, I think this is a bug so I will alert @maka who will be able to help you. :lion:

Hi there,

The reduced price is because of his region.

@Staniack - you should be able to play more levels freely as @Chaboi_3000 and @Deadpool198 mentioned. DM me your username and I’ll look into this.



It’s weird, because I only managed to play only 3 missions for free. The above user said that the red missions are free and the blues are paid, but for me both have to pay. Is it a bug?

My name in the game is also “Staniack”.


We have reduced pricing in Brazil and other regions, but Brazil also has its own server, and because of that, we need more users to subscribe to help pay for that server. For that reason, we have limited the amount of free levels on the Brazil server.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Unfortunately the amount of free missions (only 3 missions) is too little to have a yardstick to buy the game, even if it’s worth it. This criterion of codeCombat should be reviewed by equip of codeCombat. I could have more missions, that’s sad. Taking into consideration that the Brazilian citizen can only enjoy 3 missions of the game for free, it is cowardice to say that he is free to play.

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That’s true, :neutral_face:, Although technically it is free to play, but you don’t get much from it.

it costed a bit over $80.00 when i paid…

and monthly is now only 3.99? it used to be 9.99.

$80.00 not £79.99, and yeah mine was £9.99 cuz I’m English

well it showed the same thing except with $ (I just said a little over because of tax let’s not go into legal issues.)

Well like maka said

so I guess that’s why it’s cheaper.
But wait a sec, how come in america it’s $83 or something and in England it’s £80. Hmmmm?? That doesn’t make sense, it it were the same price it would be like, £65. ahh well. :neutral_face: what can i say? it doesn’t matter. :lion:

let’s not go into financial issues.

Agred(20 :lion:ssss)

Some regions are not as wealthy as others and they do have reduced pricing, $3.99 per month instead of $9.99 per month.

Our “standard” pricing for membership is $9.99 per month or $99 for a lifetime membership. We no longer offer yearly memberships through the web site (though if you really want one, you can email us).

Lifetime cost should be $99 in both the US and England. Are you seeing something different?


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