How Is hydrobolic first?

How is he first? Isn’t he supposed to be 13th? He never updated code… How?

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Hydrobolic is an insanely good coder. I don’t think it’s a surprise he’s first place.

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He submitted a month ago, Weird

Well, I’m not up to speed on the competitions, since I don’t play them. Something could be wrong, I think @nick could check if there was. But as I said, hydro is very good.

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Okay, Lets wait for nick.

Maybe Hacking / Bug?

lets wait for @nick

Maybe he just made a super unbeatable code


Wait, what multi is this? Ace?

it might be iron and ice if it is not already closed down

It is iron and ice, it won’t close before April

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ok thanks Aya 20chars

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I can only confirm that Hydrobolic’s strategy is very clever and adaptive, so he doesn’t need to manually update it as much as strategies that rely more on hard-coded tactics.

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His strategy is pretty good, so it’s not a surprise it’s still in the top five after a month.

Also, regarding his jump from 13th to 1st, sometimes the leaderboard shakes up when new strategies enter the top 20 and do well against some existing strategies and do poorly against others. For example, ICE-HKP-0029, who used to be 5th two weeks ago, is now 41st, despite not updating their code in between, probably due to 14 of the top 30 players having updated their strategies during the last two weeks.


Woah watch your language.

not anymore :slight_smile:

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