How is my armor for warriors?

here is my armor

is it good enough ???

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@AnSeDra how is my armor???

I also have dynamic flags(in picture of the items i have)

Hmm I think you would do well with getting the following 2 items:

  1. Morning’s Edge
  2. Twilight Glasses

Other than that, your hero is fine.



Your hero looks amazing

here @FalconX11_312
my new armor

how is it now???(20chars)

A bit better but you still need Morning’s Edge - although it has low damage, it is super fast and equals the Sword of the Forgotten.

I’m not so sure… It’s DPS is almost half that of the Temple Guard. That’s why it’s so much cheaper. It might be better in very specific circumstances if you needed flash, but most of the time I would say Temple Guard is better. In fact I think it’s the best sword because of it’s speed, which is double that of Sword of the Forgotton.
If the crypt key doesn’t do anything I wouldn’t use it. Also I think the blue fox is by far the most powerful pet. It’s great in all multiplayer arenas and you can use it to divert hundreds of troops in Sarven brawl and other arenas. See if you can work out how :grin:.


Ah but I don’t have the blue fox although from what I have heard in @Lydia_Song’s restless dead post, it seems like a really good pet.

Nonetheless it is definitely the best choice in my opinion. If you’re looking for some extra power in all kinds of levels I’d recommend it. Or, you could get the Pugicorn because it’s so ridiculously cute. And, if you’re lucky, you can get it to charm the yak in Harrowland (it’s pretty devastating). And it can charm burls/skeletons if you’re hero’s strong enough so that might also be a good choice.

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here wrong picture sorry😅

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also @Deadpool198 I have more levels to clear so I will get blue fox

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It is a good pet! Great for distracting or luring ogres or skeletons! Although, the Brown Rat is better at distractions if your hero just wants to get past ogres or skeletons!

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my new armor

how is it @Deadpool198 @Lydia_Song @milton.jinich @FalconX11_312???

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Exceptional. Just that I would have the ring of speed as Gordon is quite slow. Still very good, however.

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ok but I am low on gems

Play a brawl like Cloudrip Brawl. It can get you more gems. Quickly

but… I also could do repayable levels…