What should I buy next?

Should I buy the emperors gloves or the sword of the forgotten or sword of the temple guard

I think sword of the forgotten because it has most dps.

btw I am on clash of clones

gloves are super good. chain-lightning is OP. if it’s a sword yiu want. get the morning’s edge.

For the sword I have the rune sword

Which One?
  • Emperors Gloves
  • Sword of the forgotten

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Emperors Gloves comes in handy in a lot of levels and sword of Sword of the Forgotten not so much

Ok then I will buy the emperors gloves thanks @milton.jinich and @_Codemaster and @qwerty

you mean the emperors gloves not the sword of gloves

sorry Yeah thats what I meant

no prob @Falcons118 (20 char)

@qwerty I will buy the sword you said next

@milton.jinich and @_Codemaster thank you soo much for telling me to buy this. I finally beat clash of clones(I know I am very slow) thanks to the chain lightning spell

you now have proclamation IV

yes I do. What exactly does that even do?

It grants for-loops very useful, objects also useful, and l function don’t know what it does

you have to make a new topic because this topic is labeled off-topic

no nevermind I figured out the solution

what level did you just complete

the two flowers…