A few questions

What are level 66 items and how do you unlock them?
edit: What is the volcano like world? When will it come out?

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So Level 66 items are impossible(the level is to heigh) to obtain only staff and some noesy coders who found out some hacks to get them.

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OK, but why did they release them then?

So they would have time to develop them and to keep us from buying them without knowing there abilities

in a few years(at the least)

Level 66 items are in-progress items. They are still being developed. You can possibly get one or two, but they don’t have their full abilities implemented. The volcano world is not going to come out for a while. There are going to be more glacier levels, and items, and they are working on ozaria.

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So basically the level 66 item are going to be unlocked in future glacier levels and are still being developed.
What is ozaria?

ozaria is a game for students

i tried it, very simple game.
You’ll get bored.’:D’


What will be taught in the volcano world?
Any levels made yet for it?

No levels are made to go in the volcano and Boss Star V is going to be in the Glacier. Also not enough people have made it to the Glacier or Mountains so they won’t make the volcano. I don’t know what will be thought there. There might be a Proglamation VI

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So they just have the world on the map that’s it!

Kind of but remember Glacier used to be like that.

No I do not remember as I started like last year. What is taught in the glacier?
I am in the mountains.

Vectors, advanced strings, complex arrays, complex arithmetic and tons of other stuff.

Ok, so the glacier is not finished?

Kind of since they still need to add like at least 10-20 more levels until they thing they are done.

Do they have those glacier levels in development?

Yes, they do.I heard that on some topics.

I thought I saw some kind of picture around december when the volcano world was released if you access it via direct link, but it turns out, it was released for 3 or so days only; but the first level gave you boss star five or something

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