How to register students CodeCombat?


I take the summer to test CodeCombat before classes resume.

My students are between 10 and 15 years, but they do not have permission to use their email in the establishment (proxy blocking). Are the students can use CodeCombat without their email ?

If this is not possible, is there a way to create their accounts manually to save their progress?

The create account process does not require that they check their email to continue. So only being able to check email away from school will not be a problem. (The problem would be students without an email account.)

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I thank you just tested and it works.

Additional questions:
I want to protect their privacy (minor student) but they must pay a subscription. Is it possible to create a private clan and pay with one account?
Is it possible to change a public private clan clan without destroying it?

Unfortunately, those question are above my pay grade. :blush:

But until one of the big guys ( @nick @differentmatt ) can give you the proper answer here are some of the posts that talk about those kinds of issues.

Pay with one account:

Group discount, and other info:

Someone asked “Convert a public clan to private”, but no answer yet…

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Your account can sponsor individual accounts via the Managed Subscriptions part of or, as Vlevo pointed out, we can set up another way to do a group purchase if you email

I think @differentmatt can help you convert a public clan to a private clan once he is back from his India trip next week.

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